What do we actually sell in our Tgoma store? Delicacies from our kitchen? Our kitchen team consists of three people and each one contributes every day to the Tgoma store.  Rosalia was on the road for days with heart and soul to collect blossoms, herbs and flowers. She also takes care of the well-being of each plant in the hotel’s garden and herb patch. Gianfranco takes care of the “stronger” drinks – his homemade Röteli was tinkered with and tasted until everyone liked the result. In the meantime, Gianfranco is planning all the other products, so that you will soon be able to taste new delicacies. And last but not least, Ricardo takes care of the bottling of the different products. He lovingly prepares the bottles, jars or bags, fills them, labels them and brings everything to the Tgoma store – so that you can taste the various handmade delicacies.

We look forward to your visit and will be happy to advise you personally!

Rosalia, Gianfranco and Ricardo